Experimental cancer treatments for advanced stages are more effective than previously thought. Some oncology practitioners believe that experimental drugs are harmful - they give false hope to patients because of its low efficiency (long anticipated effectiveness of the experimental treatment with special drugs produced in Canadian pharmacy only at the level of 4-6% of cases). Patients in the final stage of the disease should have greater access to information about the experimental treatment programs, and, accordingly, they and their families should have the right to know what their real chances, with a particular treatment strategy. Scientists believe that the involvement of cancer patients even in the early stages of clinical trials can be very useful for them. Besides, the search for a way out of the situation means continuing the fight against the disease. It is characterized by academic phrase "treatment of metastatic cancer still remains palliative, with a very low probability of complete remission and cure the disease."

Fundació Privada Clínic per a la Recerca Biomèdica

Objectives: The Fundacio Clinic per a la Recerca Biomedica (FCRB) will participate in the clinical trial IMMOMEC and in the comprehensive research on biomarkers for clinical and immunological responses.

Description of the Institution: The Fundació Clinic per a la Recerca Biomèdica is a non-profit institution created in May 1989. Its mission is to promote, manage and perform biomedical research and provide teaching in the health sciences field, concentrating particularly on the areas of expertise of the Hospital Clinic de Barcelona (HCPB)  and the fields in which the Hospital operates either individually or in partnership with other organisations.

In fulfilling its mission, the Foundation’s actions are governed by the imperative to meet the population’s health needs and comply with overarching direction and planning criteria. The Foundations work is also inspired by its aim to foster health and teaching development and co-operation between peoples.

Since 1989, the Foundation has been providing researchers at the Hospital Clinic de Barcelona with the support needed to manage and develop their projects successfully and justify resource used to funding institutions.

FCRB has a strong track record of working in EU-funded projects, especially within the Framework program. In FP6, FCRB dealt with 40 projects, eight of which were coordinated. FCRB is also coordinating seven ongoing projects in FP7. The specific team involved in the IMMOMEC project also participates in GenoMel (EC FP6), an EU-funded project working on genetic susceptibility to melanoma and it’s interaction with environmental factors.

Specific role in the project: The Dermatology Department and the Melanoma Unit of HCPB together provide a center of reference working in skin cancers locally for Barcelona as well as nationwide for Spain. The Unit has a database with data from more than 5000 skin cancer patients and a biobank with more than 3000 patient samples. The Unit is reference worldwide in skin cancer diagnosis techniques and in management of complex skin cancer patients.

The main tasks attributed are: FCRB will participate in WPs 1 and 2. FCRB will participate in the clinical trial within IMMOMEC, and will participate in the collection of biological samples for biobanking.


Fundació Privada Clínic per a la Recerca Biomèdica
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